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Intellectual Property Management


The Office of Proposal Development and Technology Transfer is responsible for exploring and identifying intellectual properties as well as for decision preparation for the Innovation Committee. Among the daily operative tasks the registration of the intellectual properties at the University, the reception of the new applications and their evaluation can also be found. Keeping connection with the patent and law offices is their other important role.

Researchers’ Handbook

This publication is for every tutor, researcher and student. For those who create something new, for those who assist them and also for those who enjoy the result.

Regulation for Intellectual Property Protection

Regulation for Intellectual Property Protection.

Form for service invention and employee invention

The official form of the invention application which is the launching document of the University patent process.

Quick patent test

This quick patent test is for exploring those resasons with yes/no questions in two minutes which filter the unpatentable applications or for assigning the possible problematic part in the patent process.


International and national organizations

WIPO - World Intellectual Property Organization

National Research, Development and Innovation Office

Hungarian Association for Innovation

Knowledge. Invention. Copyright. Licencing. Protection.