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Meet the octobot: A first for soft robotics

For the first time, a soft robot has been built that moves on its own with no batteries or cables. It comes from the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) at Harvard University - and it takes the form of a 7cm pneumatic octopus.

New COF material could mean electric cars charge faster

An electric car currently relies on a complex interplay of both batteries and supercapacitors to provide the energy it needs to go places. But chemists are developing a new material that could change that.

Is the Cybathlon the future of the Paralympics?

With the 2016 Paralympics kicking off in a couple of weeks, highly trained athletes are preparing for a range of competitive events that pit people with similar disabilities against each other in 528 events sports including wheelchair basketball, blind rugby and canoe sprints.

Can foreign tech companies win in China?

People have often referred to Google, Facebook and Twitter as cases where foreign tech companies are blocked in China. In reality, while Facebook and Twitter were indeed blocked, Google chose to withdraw because they didn’t want to comply with Chinese censorship regulations.